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ACSI Terms & Conditions

When you show a valid ACSI Camping card at Camping Tempelhof, two people can spend the night for only € 17,-.

The periods in which this card is valid in 2017, are stated below:

  • From 01-01 till 07-04
  • From 23-04 till 23-05
  • From 06-06 till 07-07
  • From 26-08 till 31-12

Participating camp sited offer the following Camping Card ACSI rate:
• A camping pitch*;
• Overnight stay for adults;• Car & caravan & awning, or car & folding caravan, or car & tent or motor home & awning;
• Electricity. Your Camping Card includes a 6a connection with a maximum of 5 KWh per day in the price. If you require a higher amperage or use more current, the camp site has the right to surcharge you the rates that normally apply on the site;
• Hot showers. In camp sited where showers are operated by tokens, Camping Card holders are entitled to one token per person per day **
• Maximum 1 dog staying on camp sites which accept dogs;

*Some camp sites make a distinction between standard, luxury or comfort pitches. Luxury or comfort pitches are in general larger and equipped with their own water supply and drainage. In many cases you will be allocated a standard pitch but it may happen that you are offered a more expensive pitch at the Camping Card rate. The camp site has the right to decide this; you can NEVER insist on a luxury or comfort pitch.

** The camp site is required to allow the Camping Card holder a minimum of one shower per day accordance with the Camping Card ACSI conditions. Consequently each Camping Card holder has the right to one shower token per person per day. Where a camp site operated a different ‘shower system’, such as 50 cent coins, a key or a sep-key, the above conditions still apply but the camper will need to make the necessary arrangements with the campsite. Hot water in washbasins is not included in the price.


The following are not included in the Camping Card rate:

  • You must normally pay extra for a comfort pitch, should you require one
  • Extra facilities, such as a third adult, children, or facilities for which the camp site makes a charge, such as tennis courts etc. can be charged to you at the applicable low season rate;
  • Tourist taxes, environmental taxes, waste disposal charges or any other local authority requirements. As these differ greatly by country and region, and because the camp site usually pays the charges directly to the local authorities these are not included in the CC rate. The camp site is also free to impose (any applicable) reservation charges;
  • Maximum loading available for electrical connections. Your Camping Card ACSI entitles you a free electrical hook-up with a 6a connection with a maximum of 5 KWh per day included in the price. It shows 10A in the example. This means there are some pitches with maximum 10A but there may also be pitches with 6A or 3A. State clearly therefore on arrival at the camp site if you want a higher amperage, but be aware that you may have to pay a surcharge. Make sure you don’t try to connect 16A appliances or batteries to a 10A supply